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A clean workplace can have several tangible benefits for your company:

1. Better air quality. Dust and debris that hold on to your carpets and furniture can bring respiratory problems. Wiping down surfaces and getting your carpets vacuumed can eliminate harmful bacteria and keep air fresh and clean.

2. Increased Productivity. Keeping your office free of clutter leads to happier and more productive employees. It can also reduce time spent locating documents or supplies.

3. Reduced hazards. Clean and dry floors can decrease the risk of slips and spills. Similarly, clearing your floors of wires, clutter, and misplaced office equipment can lessen bumps and accidents.

Our commercial cleaners understand all of these concerns. Let us take care of your office, so you can focus on your team.

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Tight schedules and increased workloads can get in the way of maintaining a sparkling clean workplace. With the help of our commercial cleaners in Bow, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your entire team has a clean and inviting space to work in.

For over 10 years, Maids Commercial Services has been providing professional cleaning services to clients of all shapes and sizes. We know the different cleaning approaches by heart, and know which works best for each office type.

We offer routine office cleaning, such as mopping, vacuuming, dusting, window cleaning, refilling the supplies, washroom maintenance and waste management. We also offer custom cleaning service plans based on your needs and budget.

Apart from regular cleaning, we can provide specialised cleaning solutions, such as carpet cleaning or clean-up for office clearance. Quick and reliable, our highly experienced cleaning team will ensure no work is disrupted.

1. Comprehensive Cleaning Solutions

2. Fully Insured Cleaning Service

3. Professionally Trained Crew

4. Specialised Cleaning Services

5. Reliable and Trustworthy

6. Environmentally Friendly Materials

7. Dedicated cleaners at your service

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Our professional, uniformed staff provide a range of commercial cleaning services.

"You have offered us brilliant customer service and your cleaners have been absolutely amazing and are very much part of the community!"

Managing Director - London co-working space

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At Maids Commercial Services, we go the extra mile in keeping your premises clean so you have one less thing to worry about. 

As your trusted cleaning professionals, we’ll be more than happy to tailor a service that will best fit your needs. If you think that your office requires a thorough cleaning, call us on 020 8419 8303.

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