Deep Cleaning Coronavirus & COVID 19 Cleaning in Islington

Our deep cleaning services in Islington are effective in the eradication of all types of pathogens, making them suitable for organisations who wish to maintain high standards of hygiene at all times, not just during a global pandemic.

The global COVID-19 pandemic has prompted many commercial organisations to think more carefully about hygiene in the workplace and to seek professional deep cleaning services that can help them to sanitise their workspaces in Islington and elsewhere. At Maids Commercial Services, we offer highly effective and affordable deep cleaning services to companies in all industries and market sectors, as well as to educational institutions and government bodies in the area.

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Our cleaning services

Our professional, uniformed staff provide a range of commercial cleaning services.

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How Our Deep Cleaning Services in Islington Work

We offer a regular deep cleaning service that is designed to help you keep your workspaces as clean and safe as possible, with all cleaning performed by our fully trained team of operatives. We also offer a deep cleaning service for properties where suspected infections of COVID-19 and other communicable diseases have been discovered: for this service, we request that you let us know all the details in advance so that our cleaning technicians are properly equipped to do their job. In such cases, all cleaning operatives wear full PPE, including gloves, shoe covers, N95 face masks, protective suits and eyewear. In either case, the primary focus of our deep cleaning services is to sanitise all high-touch surfaces with virucidal and bactericidal products, bleach-based detergents and superheated steam.

A Comprehensive Deep Cleaning Service for All Commercial Environments

In addition to high-touch surfaces such as light switches, phones, computer terminals and door knobs, our team performs a deep clean on all other surfaces in the buildings they attend. Upholstery and carpeting are deep cleaned with biocidal solutions and hot water extraction machines and other hard surfaces will be cleaned with the same detergents and bleaches used for high touch surfaces. In all cases, we choose the most effective and environmentally friendly cleaning products for the surfaces in question.

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