Social Value

Our Aim at Maids Commercial Services is to improve the social, economic, and environmental well-being of our customers. To add value for money- balancing price with quality, service, and economic, environmental and social benefit to achieve overall value for money.

Social value is at the heart of our operation and is to be used alongside our customer’s existing customers policies and procedures.

Social value impacts our business in three main areas, these are 1) Economic 2) social and 3) Environmental.

Social Value Application:

Through a vigilant understanding of the emissions associated with each cleaning hour we provide our customers; we effectively manage and communicate the environmental impact of our operations which is at the heart of our operation.

Within each cleaning contract with, we look at developing a social value strategy that incorporates aspects of our corporate social value strategy. This will mean that we will be pursuing opportunities to add value to our customers this will incorporate the following activities.

  • Continually reviewing the cleaning materials, we source for our customers.
  • Sourcing low impact cleaning chemicals for use within all areas of our contracts


Corporate and Social Responsibility

At Maids Commercial Services we have made it our mission to provide a commercial cleaning service that protects the environment and treats our staff fairly and contributes to the communities we work in.

Helping our environment

  • Maids’ Commercial Services proudly holds accreditation for the ISO14001:2015 certification, which ensures effective management processes to measure our organisational emissions including all greenhouse gases are covered under good practice reporting.
  • Our awareness of our responsibilities towards the environment, the needs to minimise any negative impact and operate sustainably throughout our service delivery is a priority for us.
  • Our environmental management system and processes are there to continue to improve our carbon footprint and to transform sustainably.

Our Goal is to be net zero by 2035.

 As part of our environmental objectives, we are committed achieving the following: –

  1. reducing our scope 1 & 2 organisational emissions by 5% annually up to 2035, as part of our plan to contribute toward the upkeep of the climate and it’s change
  2. Developing a workforce that positively impacts the needs the needs of our climate by reducing emissions and implementing a carbon neutral service delivery.
  3. Taking full accountability for our environmental impact and its impact on the climate

 At present, we are implementing the following sustainable practices:

  • We have committed to cut emissions by signing the SME Climate Hub pledge.
  • We have measured our baseline Emissions for scope 1 and 2 in accordance with the Green House Gas Corporate Protocol
  • We strive to reduce paper use whenever possible. Our contract management is performed using our web-based management all completed electronically.
  • Our operatives’ empty bins by decanting the rubbish into larger bags if the waste is dry reducing the consumption of single use plastic bin liners where practical.
  • Maids Commercial utilise hybrid vehicles.
  • We use 5 – litre recyclable containers with integrated, user-friendly dosing systems which are dispensed and diluted into reusable 750ml trigger sprays bottles. Each 5-litre dispenser eliminates the need for 150 single use 750 ml bottles.
  • All paper products used are FSC accredited, and our plastic products are 99% recyclable.
  • Minimising deliveries: we endeavour to keep deliveries of consumables to a minimum, reducing transportation-related emissions.
  • Maids Commercial Services encourages the use of microfibre, washable and reusable cloths on our contracts unless single use is specifically required by our client. This reduces the volume of waste generated, provides an optimal cleaning result when used wet or dry and provides cost effective cleaning versus single use products.
  • We prioritise employee safety and environmental impact. Our products carry TRECOS mark, indicating low environmental impact and easy decomposition.
  • Maids commercial Services considers the commuting impact of our operatives and promotes local recruitment., ensuring cleaner and more affordable journeys that benefit the operatives’ local communities.
  • Training staff on environmental awareness: we train our staff to be environmentally conscious and to minimise our impact on the environment.

 Carbon Reduction Plan

Our carbon reduction plan includes these goals for the future.

  • Improving our recycling capacity at office and client level
  • In discussions to procure sustainable vacs which perform at the same level but with some +30% energy consumption reduction


As a business we feel that it is important that we put some of our energy back into the local community and society. We are always interested in ways that we can achieve this, and we encourage our staff to do the same. On a local level we donate funds for every successful proposal to a charity of choice helping both emotionally and financially the families of children coping with life threatening or terminal illnesses,


August 2023